What is the Driveway Curb Replacement Program?

The Driveway Curb Replacement Program is offered to residents who have an interest in obtaining a smooth transition from the roadway to the driveway on the street being rehabbed during the 2022 Street Rehabilitation Program. This program is available to residents on streets that have curb and gutter only. The Village is offering an opportunity for these residents to cost share with the Village to obtain new curbing at the same time that road construction is being undertaken. This cost covers approximately ½ the cost for the contractor's work and materials required to remove/replace the curb, gutter and a portion of the driveway to smooth the transition between the roadway and your driveway. Residents who wish to participate in the program are instructed to complete an application form and submit payment. Application forms are available here. No work will occur without a submitted payment. 

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5. What is the Driveway Curb Replacement Program?
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