What can I do to keep stormwater clean?

  • Limit your use of salt or de-icing chemicals in the winter

  • Don’t over fertilize and limit the application of herbicides and pesticides

  • Throw pet waste in the garbage or toilet

  • Do not dump yard waste or waste into creeks or storm sewers. Keep grass clippings and branches out of the creeks and drainage easements

  • Install a rain garden with deep rooted native plants to filter pollutants from water

  • Wash the car without using detergent or soap or use a commercial car wash

  • Keep your driveway free of vehicle leaks and spills by properly maintaining your vehicle

  • Hazardous materials can be disposed of properly at City of Naperville's drop-off center

  • Please report any chemicals such as paint or motor oil being poured into a storm sewer, ditch, or creek by calling the Village of Lisle Public Works Department at 630-271-4180

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1. What can I do to keep stormwater clean?
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