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Freedom of Information

  1. Freedom of Information Request for Public Records

    Make a request for a particular public record.

Police Department

  1. Business Emergency Information Form
  2. Lost Pet Report Form

    To help finding your pet as quickly as possible, please complete this form, which will log the lost pet information in the Police... More…

  3. Request for Citation Review

    If you have received a parking citation from the Village of Lisle and you feel you were ticketed in error and/or you have special... More…

  4. Vacation Watch Request Form
  1. Commendations and Citizen Complaint Form

    The Lisle Police Department is very interested in hearing about your positive experience with department staff, any concerning... More…

  2. Lost Property Form

    This form is not for stolen property. Stolen property should be reported to an officer.

  3. Residential Alarm Registration - Not Requiring a Permit

Water / Sewer Billing

  1. Application for Water / Sewer Billing Account

    To establish a Water/Sewer Account, please complete this application and return it by mail or in person to Village Hall Business... More…