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Application for Water / Sewer Billing Account

  1. Are you the account's property owner or a renter?

    Please select one

  2. Only if different from service address

  3. The Village of Lisle requires 2 forms of identification (scanned/photocopies) to establish a water/sewer account.

    One form of identification MUST be either a valid Drivers License or alternate government-issued I.D. (e.g. passport).

    The second form of identification can include one of the following:

    • Auto Insurance Card
    • Health/Medical Insurance Card
    • Library Card
    • Motor Club Card
    • Voter’s Card
    • Work ID

    The Village of Lisle does not accept credit cards, social security cards or bill statements as acceptable forms of identification.

    Without proper information / identification your application will be rejected and water service discontinued until proper information is provided to the Village of Lisle.

    Please direct any questions regarding this form to the Billing Clerk at 630-271-4131 or email The completed application can be mailed to Village Hall (925 Burlington Ave, Lisle, IL 60532) or emailed to

  4. Please attach/upload First (1st) I.D. copy here

  5. Please attach/upload Second (2nd) I.D. copy here

  6. My printed signature above confirms that the information I have submitted in this water/sewer billing account application is true and correct.

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